With No Orbit

RCA Photography MA ‘23 Publication 

This publication brings together a collection of diverse creations and statements by students from the RCA Photography MA program '23. Titled "With No Orbit," this presentation intentionally takes a freeform archival approach, breaking away from traditional hierarchies and sequences in the content. This design allows readers to naturally engage with any student's work.

Strategically placed graphic circles act as openings, representing where an unseen thread passes through. This thread signifies the hidden connections among the cohort, forming an invisible network of engagement.


Art Direction

* Image and text credits within this work belong to RCA Photography MA '23

Publication Lanuching Day


Repackaging for Refresh steam eye masks series. The previous packaging with a solid dark color failed to convey the rejuvenating effects of the product. The new packaging, however, uses a steamy gradient and floating typography to create a vivid visual analogy of the soothing and heating sensation of the masks. This design effectively captures the soft and relaxing experience of using the product, providing a more engaging and interesting representation of the Refresh steam eye masks.

Visual Identity

Jennifer Cole Phillips

3D Sketchbook

C4D exercises that explore 3D motion, lighting and materials.

3D Modeling & Motion

Kiel Danger Mutschelknaus

Domino B

Emotive Bubble – Joy

Emotive Bubble –  Remorse



By blending the convenience of co-working and co-living with the excitement of cultural exploration, Outpost provides a truly exceptional experience for remote workers. This lifestyle encourages cultural adventures, interpersonal connections, and self-exploration. The visual identity, inspired by pins on a map, conveys the idea of unfolding new possibilities in life with Outpost.
Visual Identity
Web Design

Jennifer Cole Phillips

The adventure with Outpost is an insipring point in your life that is worth marking.
New possibilities unfold here.

The dot in the place of O indicates a critical stop on one’s life journey. It is applied to multiple brand keywords with a letter O to reinforce the concept.

Unscripted Museum

Unscripted Museum is a fictional museum dedicated to Hong Kong film director Wong Kar-Wai. Wong is known for his unique approach to filmmaking, where he often shoots a movie without a finished script. This approach has contributed to the distinct narrative and aesthetic of his films. The museum's identity reflects Wong's unpredictable personality and wild film style, featuring expressive typography, irregular shapes, and saturated colors drawn from his movies.

Visual Identity
Motion Graphics

Andrew Walters

Hiiibrand Awards (Brand Identity Category), Finalist

Brand Collaterals︎︎︎

Brand Components
Irregular forms
Expressive and Flexible Typography
Film Stills

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