Our Studio Poster Series

This poster series embodies the essence of Our Studio: ‘From void to being, we create.’ 

Inspired by the unique structure of Hanzi characters– we view the square format as the bone, and the square block as the skin, creating a visual language that encapsulates possibilities and dynamic balance. We transform the Hanzi characters into shapes, reimagining a series of two-character words— “our creation, our shape, our voice, our generation, our pathway — into distinctive glyphs as the focal point in the posters.
Poster, Typography

Xinran Zhou, Art director & Designer
Shuang Wu, Art director & Designer
Yanjie Chen, Designer

Communication Arts 2024, Typography Winner︎︎︎
International Design Awards, Bronze Winner︎︎︎

Our Poster - Basic Series 

Featured in 2024 Kansas City Biennial Show at H&R Block Art Space

Our Poster - Trio Series

© Xinran Zhou