The Next Wave Festival 

This program for The Next Wave Festival, a signature production of The Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), features a multi-tiered typographic hierarchy, using nuanced signals of separation to direct the reader through the content. Historic black & white photographs, juxtaposed with leading edge event imagery, denote the past and present while celebrating BAM’s long legacy of artistic and cultural contribution.

Design a brochure for Next Wave Festival 2021 to help audiences learn about the event and the organization.
The main building of BAM is a classic theatre with a history of over 100 years, which forms an intriguing contrast with avant-garde and experimental shows that happen in it. The brochure captures the contrast by juxtaposing monochrome historical images and the performance still in fresh colors.

The up corner of the page is cut out to create a moment that coordinates the past and the present of BAM. The idea of cut-out corner and layering is also applied to cover design.

© Xinran Zhou