Meals on Wheels

Rebranding for Meals on Wheels(MOW) America, a national organization dedicated to addressing senior isolation and hunger. The new visual identity, which is designed to be concise and friendly, centers on the concepts of connection and exchange. It is intended to reinforce the organization's caring and supportive nature.

Visual Identity

Andrew Walters



This project aims to rebrand Meals and Wheels America(MOW), a nationally renowned organization dedicated to addressing senior isolation and hunger, and broadly connecting the communities. The organization looks for a new branding to emphasize the story among people, and elaborate their role as a connector among people in need and people willing to help.


The new branding focus on the connection and exchange that MOW brings to the community. It emphasizes the stories between senior residents and the volunteers helping with their lives. The volunteers deliver interaction, company and friendship that mentally benefit both the elderly and volunteers. Their relationship is more than just help, but neighbours and long term friends.


The circle road inspired the new visual system, a point that coordinates and connects different vehicles, just as MOW’s role of bridging the people in need and people to give. The soft and smooth form represents the spirit of MOW in a concise and friendly way.

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